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Bachelorette Mixology
Thank you for your interest in our Bachelorette Mixology program. These parties are a whole lot of fun, as well as something that most people have never done before. Your bride is very lucky to have you looking out for her!

We bring a private mixology class to your bachelorette party! Working with your favorites, theme, colors - you name it - we custom craft cocktail recipes for your event. This is a great way to start out your night - because during our program, you learn how to make the cocktails you choose from fresh ingredients. So you can take your guests out afterwards, having started your night off right. Or you can just stay in and enjoy recreating your cocktails all night long! 

INCLUDED in your package!
• Personalized, printable invitations for your guests, per your request.
• Preset stations for 1 or 2 guests each, with all the necessary bar tools, at your location
• A TWO HOUR private mixology class with The Cocktail Chef, Steven Kowalczuk at your location
• Preparation of garnishes & mixers at your location, including technique demonstrations and "tricks" of the trade
• Setup, cleanup & tear-down

Dates booked based on availability an our generalized pricing structure is as follows: 

$299 ~ 4-10 guests, 2 hour party, 3 cocktails

$435 ~ 11-15 guests, 2 hour party, 3 cocktails

$580 ~ 16-20 guests, 2 hour party, 3 cocktails

$870 ~ 21-30 guests, 2.5 hour party, 3 cocktails

$1160 ~ 31-40 guests, 2.5 hour party, 3 cocktails

We come to your location, so the bride’s home, your home or another location of your choice is needed. Hotel suites also make a good choice, but realize that most other venues such as restaurants or private clubs do not allow you to bring in outside alcohol and will charge a significant amount more per bottle should you purchase it through them. Private homes are ideal for this kind of event. Plus they cost much less to nothing at all to use. You can also let that person know that we are fully insured to execute our program in a private home.

After you've had your consultation with The Cocktail Chef and decided on your cocktails, we will provide you with a shopping list for your party. The state of Pennsylvania does not allow us to sell, transport or distribute alcohol, so your shopping list will tell you exactly what you need to purchase prior to your party. The Cocktail Chef will work within your budget to tailor the level of spirits you would like to use - to help keep costs down. We want your party to be as approachable as possible for you and your guests.

Thank you again for your interest, I look forward to working for you & your bride!