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Bachelorette Mixology
   Tips for Party Planners
The best place to start is to gather some information we'll need:

The "bride to be's" name

The  date for your event

Time of event

A location:
Our mixology learning stations measure approximately 1.5 feet wide by 18 inches deep and need a flat table or counter top to sit on.  Each station can accommodate up to 2 students.  These parties are completely interactive, so most people prefer to have a clear view of the Cocktail Chef while he is teaching.  The best arrangements for these classes are in the round, rows facing one direction or one long bar.

Any location that you choose should have the ability to accommodate 1 station for each of your 2 guests (MINIMUM).  Keep this in mind when visiting your potential venue. 

** Venue must be secured by the Party Planner (we can make suggestions!) & be within 1 hour driving distance of Pittsburgh (fees will apply if more than 1hr. drive)

We travel to you, so your hotel room may be an option for your venue.  Hotel guest suites often provide a small kitchenette and space that is ideal for a party of 1-9 people. (Hotel suites vary GREATLY - ask to see the room/suite that you will be staying in ahead of time to avoid surprises!)
Many hotels offer conference facilities for very reasonable rates, however some have policy against bringing alcohol into them.  Each potential venue needs contacted individually for company policy information and rates.

There are many fire halls, VFW halls and other fraternity lodges for rent in the Pittsburgh area.  These usually have the least restrictions on the type of beverages that can be brought in.  Lodges also generally have a large open area to hold your event in - which is great for larger parties (15 - 40 guests). Each potential venue needs contacted individually for their policy information and rates.

The number of people who will be attending your party:
We limit parties to 40 guests* so everyone can have a GREAT TIME! Most parties range from 8 to 20 guests. We charge an hourly rate based on the number of guests you have, and more people spread the costs out if everyone pitches in.
** All guests must be 21 years of age & present photo ID, day of event

*if your party is larger, contact us for corporate rates.

The number of cocktails you'd like to include over the course of your event:

Every party is a minimum of 2 hours long, which includes time for us to arrive, set up, prepare garnishes, HAVE A GREAT TIME, tear down and cleanup.

Every party includes a minimum of 2 custom crafted cocktail recipes created specifically for your event by The Cocktail Chef.  Each guest will get a hands-on lesson while learning how to prepare their own cocktails like the pros!

Additional recipes can be added to your event with a maximum of 5 cocktails per event.  To ensure we are allowing guests to enjoy themselves responsibly, each recipe added to an event will be billed an additional hour, and require

Your favorite spirit(s):
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Rum
  • Whiskey
  • Tequila
  • Liqueurs/Cordials

In custom tailoring cocktail recipes to your preferences and theme, The Cocktail Chef will work with your favorite spirits, flavors, garnishes, colors - you name it!  This is your party, get creative!  We can make recommendations based on your budget as well.

NOTE: Due to the mobile nature of our business we DO NOT have a liquor license nor do we provide any liquor, spirits, or alcohol.  The purchase and transportation of consumable supplies is the sole responsibility of the party planner. (Not including snacks & bottled water for parties with 3+ recipes.)  A shopping list will be provided at least 2 weeks prior to your event, and all ingredients need to be on site upon the team's arrival.  
Its an honor to be a bridesmaid or a member of a bridal party!  There is a lot of responsibility that comes with a spot in the procession - one of which is helping to plan and (sometimes) having to foot the bill for the bachelorette party!  

One of our main focuses for each party is to work with you to create the most custom tailored experience you can AFFORD.  We don't want anyone breaking the bank on the night before and waking up to regret it later!   Our Personal Party Consultant has an extensive database of facilities and hotels in the Pittsburgh and surrounding area, or - choose to have your event at a private residence! We will work with your budget to create a party she won't forget.  Its up to you, our job is just to make the planning as EASY as possible while still getting the ultimate results!
  • Personalized, printable invitations for your party in YOUR THEME!
  • Personalized recipe cards for each guest to take home with them.
  • Creation of 2 cocktails, customized to your preferences by the Cocktail Chef!
  • Preparation of garnishes & mixers at your location
  • Preset stations for 1-2 guests each, with all the necessary bar tools, at your location
  • A TWO HOUR private mixology class at your location
  • Cleanup & teardown